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 Folding Tables,  Plastic Folding Tables, Samsonite Folding Tables, Samsonite Tables, Adjustable Height Tables, ABS Folding Tables, and  Laminated Plywood Folding tables. They come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and options for every commercial, institutional, and business application.  Table Trucks and Carts available transport and store those tables.  Folding Chairs and Stacking Chairs along with Sturdy Activity and Banquet Tables.


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What are the differences in the various style of tables and which will work best for your application ?

Folding Tables are available in many different styles:  Blow-Molded, ABS, and Laminated. We will briefly review:

Blow-Molded Tables are lightweight and durable. They are great for use indoors or outdoors and impervious to liquids. They are easy to store and are very mobile. They can also take a good drop without any issue. Blow-Molded tables generally come in "white-resin-plastic" tops (we have different color tops available). They are mfg by melting plastic resin beads into a hot mold and then blowing air into the mold cavity (middle) to expand the top and bottom flush against the sides of the mold. The mold in then sealed and a water jacket of cold water then cools the product making ready to be removed from the mold. Flashing is then removed and the table perimeter is cleaned. Generally, blow-mold tables have a convoluted or "waffle-board" design on the bottom by design. This adds a significant amount of substrate or resin without adding any significant weight. The tops are generally attached to a PC tubular steel frame via screws or rivets. Blow Mold Tables are comfortable in any setting from residential to formal commercial.

ABS Tables are lightweight and equally as strong as BM tables.  They are great for indoor and outdoor applications and are equally adept at storing and moving. They are also "trauma-strong". The ABS tables are a plastic resin top and bottom with a heavy-duty corrugated material sandwiched in between. This interior adds strength without adding significant weight. The internal frame perimeter is encased in a durable shock absorbing T-Molding. The ABS claim to fame is the Easy-Release Snap Lock mechanism to lower and raise the legs. The greatest advantage to these tables is the maximized seating vs BM tables because the frame does not come in contact with knees. ABS tables are ideal for any commercial applications.

Laminated Tables are a different animal altogether. The table core is either High Density Particle Board, Plywood, or Honeycomb design with a melamine or laminated top. These tables have been around a long time and generally are considered the most aesthetic with many top finishes available. They are heavier and have more of a mobility /storage issue than the above tables. They are extremely durable and have that classy and timeless look. Church and Board Room Apps are generally in use with Laminates.